Superior Theory Pitch

Superior Theory is a story that I have fancied as a “Modern, Southern, Interracial love drama that is essentially race centered and driven . The narrative encompasses “racial superiority” as a theme and is primarily fleshed out by a group of diverse community college students who become acquainted in a Minority Ethics class. The plot centers  around these  students who  are  at different points in their lives, but are all in the process of self discovery. In this  class, a revolutionary and unorthodox teacher with a checkered radical past challenges his students to reconsider their present notions of race and history. Two of the students, Hannah and Ali, form a friendship in the midst of the class that soon turns to romance.  On the  surface the pair  doesn’t  seem to have much in common; he’s black, she’s white, he had a privileged upbringing, she had to struggle, she’s younger, he slowly approaching 30’s. However, their primal need for love and acceptance unites them. Soon they both  experience internal and external conflict. They both have to try to cope  with how they were raised by their overbearing and abusive fathers. There are secrets about their past that threaten the relationship and their fellow piers add to the layered conflict. If that wasn’t enough there’s the prospect of race war looming in the background. They must decide if it’s possible or logical to pursue love in the “New South”.

Superior Theory is story that attempts to illustrate where we have been, where we’re at, and where we may go as a country. It also examines  the mystique behind interracial dating and explores the subtle nuances of modern racism. It also scratches the surface of untold American History.

The Making of Superior Theory  is a documentary that will chronicle the journey from pitching the script, gathering investors, and the local response to the movie idea. It will also take you inside the filmmaker’s journey as it relates to the project; past and present.


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