What is Blaspheming the Holy ghost?

Many people believe they have committed the “unpardonable sin.” The sin of blaspheming against the Holy spirit. It is my observation that most don’t come near this and others are just naively ignorant to it. Blaspheming the Holy spirit is depicted in Matthew 12:31. Jesus explained this solemn sin in connection to an accusation that he was driving demons out by the power of  Satan (verse 24).

                    What would blaspheming the Holy spirit look like today?

      Some believe that blaspheming the Holy spirit today is committing a sin against Jesus, but the Bible says otherwise. Look at verse 32 in Matthew 12,   “And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man (Jesus) will be forgiven, BUT whosoever speaketh against the Holy spirit it shall not be forgiven in this lifetime neither in the world to come.” So this unpardonable sin  is not directed towards Jesus, but against His spirit that he promised to send us in His Father’s name. The Holy spirit is God’s witness and we should never lie on him or attribute power to anyone but God . This is done today when people accuse certain ministries, particularly healing ministries, of being phony or fraud. This is very dangerous territory to be in. We must be careful not to attribute any power to Satan when we see a supernatural act of nature because, if  by chance we are wrong, then we can expect to be eternally separated from God. I believe this sin is so critical because it’s a sin against the witness of Jesus. Jesus said that the spirit would testify of him. The Holy spirit is our only advocate on earth while Jesus remains our advocate in Heaven.

                 If you reject Jesus isn’t that eternal separation from God?

           The answer to this question is yes, but this is resisting the spirit and not blaspheming the spirit. It too is unpardonable because you resist Jesus’ spirit and don’t secure your eternal salvation.You resisted that voice that tried to convict you to come to Jesus and now it’s too late. Again this sin is against the spirit and not Jesus himself. Remember no one can say Jesus is Lord except by the Holy spirit. For an example of resisting the spirit see Acts 7:51.

 In summary, I am alarmed when I hear a believer mention the gifts of the spirit in a negative light. It’s a dangerous thing to speak against the supernatural ministry of the Holy spirit. While I would be remiss by not saying that the gifts have been exploited and manipulated by many, this still gives no one the right to question the authority of  any ministry. We need to be  particularly careful when we judge people who speak or pray in tongues. Many preachers and so-called theologians still teach that speaking in tongues is demonic. I can assure you that according to scripture they have already sealed their faith.  It’s best not to judge at all if you are not 100% sure.

 Peace, Julian James


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