Does the Catholic Church Set the Precedent for Deliverance?

 This is my response to a comment that a friend of mine made in reference to seeing a show on exorcism and the devil on the History Channel.

 Just one small side caveat to our conversation earlier. He had mentioned that the Catholic church said something about making sure that potentially possessed people would need an evaluation before they could be deemed possessed. The Catholic church has no authority to set the precedent for exorcism or what would now be more appropriately called “deliverance”.  Of all people they have deviated the most from biblical deliverance. They said they only hold exorcisms in private, and I thought that was a joke because there is never a mention anywhere in the Bible where they held “private exorcisms”. Exorcisms were always done out in the open and sometimes in a temple in the middle of service. (see Mark 1:22-26)  Also, there is never any mention of anyone in the Bible who spoke in tongues and was demon possessed. There is a demonic tongue but it’s not the same as what the Apostle Paul and Jude called the “tongues of angels”. These tongues were received at the inception of the church on the day of Pentecost.  One last thing brother, demon spirits are very real. Some may argue that it is all in your mind and hence this paradoxically defines the problem. Demons have no other place to lodge themselves but in the mind. Its been proven that the movie Exorcist overdramatized the reality of demon spirits. What I mean by that is a true “exorcist” knows that a demon doesn’t possess anyone in a “ownership” capacity.  At best, the host still has some control even in the most extreme cases. That being said, even the psychological world has turned back to the Bible for answers. Some thought for years that demon possession was an extreme case of schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder. However, what some psychologists have now found lurking behind these multiple personalities are evil personalities themselves. The other personality emerged to keep the host safe. I don’t want to seem dogmatic but the reality of demon spirits can not be underestimated.

 If demon spirits are not real, then Jesus is a liar and not the Son of God. Also it’s noteworthy to observe that demons manifest themselves now the same way they did two thousand years ago. They still run in “stark terror” and tremble at the mention of  the blood of Jesus. Why the name of Jesus and not any other name? This should reasonably prove that Jesus knew what he was talking about two thousand years ago and was not ignorant or demon possessed himself as some so called theologians have tried to espouse.

Peace, Julian James


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