How to have Power over the Occult

I thought it would be appropriate to end this particular teaching with how we can begin to have power over the occult. A wise man once told me not to come to him with problems, but come only with solutions. I have labored hard over the last several days to illustrate the problem I believe we have in the contemporary church. Today I would like to spend some time speaking on the only force that can eradicate the force of Satan and the occult. For Christians this force is, no doubt, the Holy spirit. The Holy spirit is the other “comforter” that Jesus promised  us that would abide with us forever. (John 14:16) Jesus later went on to be our advocate in Heaven while the Holy spirit remained here on earth to “guide us into all truth.” I believe Satan has deliberatly confused the church body about the true function of the Holy spirit.  The Holy spirit is just as much God as Jesus and the Father . I think in theory we acknowledge this, but not in practice.  Most Christians don’t expect the Holy spirit to carry out the same ministry that Jesus did, but this is exactly what Jesus told his disciples would  happen; “Verily verily, I say unto you,  He that believeth on me the works that I do shall he do also and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” (John 14:12) This is why Jesus said that it was expedient that he goes away. He knew  the disciples would still need supernatural power after he ascended back into Heaven.  Jesus has left us another comforter (Holy spirit) to do the same things that he did during his earthly mission. This is why he wouldn’t allow the disciples to leave Jerusalem to evangelize the world until they received the baptism of the Holy spirit. “For John truly baptized you with water: but you shall be baptized with the holy ghost not many days hence.” (Acts 1:5) What is the purpose of this separate baptism? Verse 8  explains “But you shall receive power, after that the holy ghost is come upon you and you shall be my witnesses unto me.” There are two important points brought out by this verse, one Jesus says that you will receive power and two, that we will be his witnesses. So what type of power would we receive? The supernatural power to be a witness. This is one of the main purposes for this baptism. Many well meaning Christians confuse this experience with the salvation experience and yet the bible clearly differentiates the two. Some teach that the Holy ghost comes and seals us when we make Jesus Lord over our life. They usually use John 21:22 to justify this position. “And when he(Jesus) had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost.” I would agree that they were sealed by the spirit but not FILLED yet for the purpose to be witnesses unto the world.  Receiving the Holy spirit in this context  (verse 22) is all about the resurrection and not the infilling of the spirit  that subsequently took place on the day of  Pentecost. They had this seal because they were the first to believe on Jesus. There could be no true belief  in Jesus until they believed that he rose from the dead. Once they believed in the resurrection their salvation was secured. Then Jesus breathed on them the same way he breathes on us when we accept salvation today. This isn’t however the supernatural endowment that Jesus promised the disciples that they would receive. Remember Jesus said that they would receive “power”.  Power here translated in the greek gives us the word “dunamis” and this is where we get the our word ” dynamite”. Strong’s Concordance suggest that this power is “miraculous power” and its known by its strength. Lets look at another scripture that uses power the same way. Luke 10:19 says that Jesus has given us “power” over all the “power” of the enemy. The first power here is not ” dunamis” or dynamite power it’s  “authority power” such as the power that a magistrate or judge has. Look close, the second power mentioned is dunamis power but its mentions the enemy having this power. So what does this mean? This means that Jesus has authorized us to have supernatural power over the enemy. Jesus himself never denied that the enemy had supernatural power. He never promised that the enemy would stop coming after us. He did however promise not to leave us “comfortless”. He knew that we would need supernatural power to attest to a supernatural event (resurrection). He has made this provision of power available to us if we would only obey scripture.

Jesus said for us to be baptized in the Holy spirit and we should comply. We can no longer treat this as an optional doctrine. We are losing legions of believers by the day! The occult  has allured them away because of the promise of power.  They don’t see any power left in the church. All they see are people with good intellectual concepts. We have no right to expect a sinner to believe a gospel that has not been supernaturally attested to . This what  Jesus  and the disciples did .

 In summary, I would like to reiterate that the enemy is very persuasive and cunning. I am alarmed by the “Satanist” agenda as of 1988  against the church. I’m sure you can look this up online somewhere but the gist of it was this:  1. The antichrist would come soon. 2. That ministries and works of God would be destroyed. 3. That Christians would become complacent. 4. That Christians would seek churches that do not preach a full gospel. 5. That Christians cease their fasting and prayer. 6. That the gifts of the holy spirit would be ignored.  All of this would be accompanied by fasting and prayer on the Satanist part. This should stir up believers and non believers alike. Satan knows that the only power that can defeat him is the supernatural power of the Holy spirit. My next article will deal with how you can receive this supernatural provision.

Peace, Julian James


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