The Bible and the Occult pt 2

When most of us think of witchcraft, we tend to think of goblins and goons and images of witches flying in the air on brooms.  However this is not  how the bible depicts witchcraft. Remember yesterday we discussed that “Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft” (1 Samuel 15:23). Witchcraft takes on various forms in our contemporary culture, but the one universal quality in all forms is rebellion. Rebellion is usually born out of bitterness or deception. I believe Lucifer rebelled because of his bitterness. I believe he was bitter over the fact that God was going to create the human race and that he would have to be subservient to us. I believe this is why he labored so hard to corrupt the flesh of man. When bitterness goes unchecked it tends to breed rebellion. So, where does bitterness come from? After all no one becomes bitter without some kind of cause. I believe this cause is rejection. Rejection says its all about me and thus gives me the right to be bitter. There is another word  we could use that would be more fitting and its pride. Pride is the original sin but it was not committed by Adam and Eve, it was committed by Lucifer himself. Ezekiel 28: 17 says ” Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty”. You see, Lucifer thought more of himself than he should. Pride almost always leads to rejection. Pride creates a false self and when that false self goes unrecognized, bitterness begins to set in. Bitterness will surely lead to rebellion and rebellion leads to death.

 There are several forms of  the occult or witchcraft that I will be teaching on in this series. I would be remiss however, if I didn’t mention the main use of the occult that opens up all the other doors. The main door I believe that opens up every other door of the occult  is “self-love”. I believe this because that  is the sin that Lucifer got himself caught up in. This explains how the devil has been sinning since the beginning (1st John:3 8). This sin was not committed on the earth however, it was committed in Heaven. Lucifer, who then became Satan,(the adversary) brought with him to earth the spirit of rebellion.  Again as I stated before this is the present condition of man. I can’t overstate this enough. Some people, including most Christians, practice rebellion (witchcraft) without even being aware of it. I believe this is the problem that the church of Galatia had. Paul asks in Galatians 3:1 “Who has bewitched you” as if they were under some demonic spell.  More on that later.

Rebellion always has its own agenda. Its agenda is more about being independent from God than it is about  perversion. I don’t believe that Lucifer committed a sin in the moral sense. His sin was wanting to run the universe on his own terms. In essence, people want supernatural power apart from God for self reliance. They want to depend on themselves and not on God.  They want supernatural power for control and the Bible calls this witchcraft.

 Witchcraft is the oldest religion known to man and again it was first practiced in Heaven when Lucifer convinced a third of the angels to rebel with him (Revelation 12:7). The means that he used to convince these angels to rebel was deception. Deception is only the real tool the enemy has to assert his control over humanity. Deception is all about control, this is perfectly illustrated in the story of Adam and Eve. The enemy deceived Eve for the purpose of  asserting her authority. This is an important point to capitalize on. He didn’t use brute force to take their authority. He instead used his “perfect wisdom” to compel them to sin. In other words, the only power that he had over them was the power that they granted him to have.  

 Satan primarily works through the power of vision and images. He works in imaginations, pretensions, and illusions. He can make good appear evil and evil to appear good. He is a master lawyer and perfect in wisdom. Ezekiel 28: 16 also says that “He corrupted his perfect wisdom on the account of his brightness.” Never forget that Satan is the master of deception because his wisdom is perfect and he is still an angel. God created him to be “perfect in wisdom” but Satan chose to use  his own free will to pervert the wisdom God had blessed him with. That being said, he is very clever in controlling the material world by deception but he can’t compel someone by “physical force” to submit to him because God didn’t create him to be that type of angel. The arch angel Michael on the other hand is known for his physical strength and is deemed the “warrior angel” and he moves things by force (see Revelation 12:7-8) . The only force Satan has is the force of illusion. He tricks people into believing wrong things. This is why it’s hard for many people to get saved and why it’s just as difficult for most Christians to stay saved. They are being controlled  by a spiritual force that they are totally unaware of. There is an invisible, indefinable force perverting supernatural power in the heavenly realms masquerading itself around as the most high.  The one for sure thing we can do to start getting the advantage over the enemy is not to participate in the “unpardonable sin”  that separated him from God in the first place. I believe self-love (pride) must be dealt with before you can address other areas of sin. Pride always precedes sin because it seeks its own way and not God’s way. We have all been guilty of this, but the fact is you don’t want it to become a lifestyle. I pray that we would begin to identify the “I” centered things in our life and begin to root them out of  it. We will explore more in the next article on how to identify and conquer pride.

Peace, Julian James


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